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five ways to become a morning person

five ways to become a morning person

not a morning person? I wasn't either. but I've been trying to join the happy early risers team and change the way I start my day. having a positive wake-up routine has many benefits so I've got a few tips that can help you improve your wake-up call.

for coffee lovers: don't overdo it
who doesn't love a good cup of coffee to give an extra boost? but be careful how many times a day you drink it! if you consume too much caffeine, your sleep the next night will be far from perfect. it's better to take a lunchtime nap or drink ginger and lemon tea (they're better options).



get some sun
sun is a powerful element in keeping the brain awake. you can take the opportunity to go for a short walk before starting your working day or try having breakfast on your balcony or by a sunny window.

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disconnect from the world
for the ones like me, who work constantly on the computer & smartphone, turn off the button and relax becomes even more important. brain needs to rest and recharge its batteries so close your eyes and let yourself fall asleep. when you wake up, you'll feel the difference!

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read a book
are you reading a book? no? you should start now! it's amazing how words can take you to another reality and allow your body to relax deeply. you'll find that falling asleep will become an easy task.

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get everything ready
one of the things that made my mornings more peaceful was getting my outfit ready the day before. choose your clothes and and get everything ready! and of course, don't forget to pick your CINCO pieces and put them nearby.

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joana gonçalves is the new member of our team. her educational background includes a bachelor degree in economics and a post-graduation in digital marketing. ambitious & motivated, she believes CINCO is the best way to a new fresh start.

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