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I didn’t know I needed an apple watch until today!

I didn’t know I needed an apple watch until today!

I’m an apple fan, I have always been! I have an iphone, an ipad, airpods, and a mac, but for some reason, I can’t explain, having an apple watch was never a thing until it was.

my sister has been using one for ages, my favorite geek friend li has one too, and when I go to kickboxing everyone is using it or at least something similar. also, I've started a new job at a fitness app, so is there a better excuse?

even if you are a non-tech person you can find a way to enjoy the apple watch and here are our 5 top reasons:

— you need fitness motivation or you want to track all your fitness activity - one of the apple watch's greatest strengths is its ability to motivate you to move. it offers gamified physical fitness with its activity rings that monitor how much exercise each day, how many calories you burn, and how often you stand up;

— you want to reduce distractions - it's easy to pick up your iphone for five minutes, and suddenly, an hour is gone from scrolling through every social media. an apple watch can receive all the important notifications from your phone without you being distracted by other apps. also, if you buy the GPS+Cellular version you can still make calls and send text messages;

— you can access apple's other services directly from the watch - so if you go for a run you don't need to bring your phone, just your watch and airpods and you can easily access podcasts or music;

— you can use the camera remote and timer on the watch to take photos - just position your iphone where you want and you can use your watch to take a pic or a video from a distance;

— and last but not least, the bands - they add personality, style and it takes less than a minute to change from one to another.

apple 45mm light blue braided solo loop 


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